Tee-pee enhancements and new features

[NEW]  More consistent use of role / authority terms:

  • Administration / Settings: Unit Permissions  section renamed  User Roles in the unit. Modified and unified term Roles / permissions in the section: Assignment of user roles to persons, in the unit on the tab User roles: messages, three-point menu, ...
    (The role contains specific permissions - we assign roles that contain specific permissions / groups of permissions). (Read more in the chapter ADMINISTRATION - SETTINGS / Administration of user roles.)


  • Creating a legal representative: When inviting a legal representative to the system, the telephone number and ID card number fields are not mandatory. Mandatory information remains first name last name and email.

Error correction

  • Unit display
    • Fixed display of parent unit hierarchy in person's profile.
    • Adjust the display of people in the unit in order (ascending and descending).
    • Correct recalculation of statistics within units and subunits, members within allocation.
    • Fixed permission to assign magazines in a person's profile.
  • Registration
    • Fixed bugs in the process of creating New registrations.
    • Fixed a non-displayed button for printing the Registration Sheet.
  • Termination of the unit
    • Fixed a bug where during the termination of a unit, the membership in the organization was incorrectly terminated by a person who had a regular membership in this unit.
  • Legal representative
    • Fixed an issue with inviting a legal representative to Teepee.
    • When editing the data of the legal representative (who was not invited to the Teepee from the child's profile), a bug was displayed showing if the identity document is not filled in.
  • Correction of the logic of displaying events to which a person has the right, when events are displayed correctly according to the rules: whether the event is: public, whether the person is the author of the event or in the case of a private event, whether the person is a member of the unit or subordinate organized.
  • For selected fields in the application, adjust the wording of the red warning messages displayed in case of incorrectly filled in data.


  • Search for units
  • Filter members by status
  • Modification of exports for the Ministry, modification of final reports