Tee-pee enhancements and new features

[IMPROVEMENT] Registration

  • Added info yellow message when trying to delete the registration period in the administration: if the registration period is linked to the allocation of payment to a specific person for the given registration period, this period cannot be deleted in the administration - an information message with this information will be displayed. (Read more in Administration - Membership / Periods.)


  • Update and addition of new translations for selected language versions of the application.
  • Analysis of membership record data and activity status of existing users.

Error correction

  • Fixed data display in reports when filtering data.
  • Fixed the logic for displaying the Exit action for already terminated functions in the Membership tab in a person's profile.
  • Fixed an issue to change the membership status of individuals after creating a registration for thresholds.
  • Correction of displaying the number of persons by sex in the registration sheets of churches.
  • Data tightening correction: Event category to Final reports.
  • Fixed searching for people in selected lists.
  • Correction of other recorded errors.